Author:LDPL - Laboratoire Départemental de Préhistoire du Lazaret
Version:0.5.2, released 2012-08-15
License:Expat license (MIT license)
Source: (Git)


Anuket is an opiniated Python web framework based on Pyramid. It is intended to be used by other Pyramid applications as a base for common choices.

Choices done for you by Anuket:

The project also integrate:

  • Alembic: Database migration tool for SQLAlchemy
  • Babel: Internationalization and Localization tools
  • Cracklib: Password checking library
  • Cryptacular: Password hashing framework


Anuket is writed so he can be extended by other Pyramid applications. Normaly, it is not necessary to fork Anuket. Just use the extensibility mecanism. For details please read the Pyramid documentation

The main objective of Anuket, is to be used for database related applications. We will use it at the Lazaret laboratory mostly for filling and quering relational databases with web forms. If your application is like this, Anuket may be suited for you.


The developement is still at an early stage and other choices have to be made before the 1.0 version. In particulary take care of the facts than:

  • The database schema is subject to change
  • WTForms may be choised over FormEncode and Pyramid_simpleform
  • We may add a ‘plugin’ system to allow optional features


There are already other web frameworks and CMS based on Pyramid. Anuket have take inspiration from them but the choices made are sometime different. They may be best suited to your needs. Have a look on Akhet, Apex,, Kotti, Khufu, Ptah, PyCK, Pyrone and more.

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