Source code for anuket.lib.alembic_utils

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Alembic utilities to use with database scripts."""
from pyramid.paster import get_appsettings
from sqlalchemy.exc import OperationalError
from alembic.config import Config

from anuket.models import DBSession
from anuket.models.migration import Migration

[docs]def get_alembic_settings(config_uri): """ Get alembic settings from the config file. :param config_uri: an .ini config file :return: an ``alembic.config.Config`` object """ # get setting from the pyramid config file settings = get_appsettings(config_uri) # set alembic settings alembic_cfg = Config(config_uri) alembic_cfg.set_section_option( 'alembic', 'sqlalchemy.url', settings['sqlalchemy.url']) return alembic_cfg
[docs]def get_alembic_revision(config_uri): """ Check the existence of an alembic revision in the database. If the database is versioned, then return the current revision. :param config_uri: an .ini file :return: the alembic revision value or None """ try: revision = DBSession.query(Migration.version_num).first() except OperationalError: revision = None return revision

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