Source code for anuket.models.auth

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" ``SQLAlchemy`` model definition for authentification."""
from datetime import datetime
from cryptacular.bcrypt import BCRYPTPasswordManager
from sqlalchemy import Column, ForeignKey, DateTime, Integer, Unicode
from sqlalchemy.ext.hybrid import hybrid_property
from sqlalchemy.orm import relationship

from anuket.models import Base, DBSession

[docs]class AuthUser(Base): """ AuthUser table and model definition. Define the database `auth_user` table for the authenticated users and the methods for querring the table or check the validity of the password. """ __tablename__ = 'auth_user' user_id = Column(Integer, autoincrement=True, primary_key=True) username = Column(Unicode(16), unique=True, nullable=False, index=True) first_name = Column(Unicode(255)) last_name = Column(Unicode(255)) email = Column(Unicode(255), unique=True, index=True) created = Column(DateTime, default=datetime.utcnow) _password = Column('password', Unicode(80)) #many-to-one group_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey('auth_group.group_id')) group = relationship('AuthGroup') def __repr__(self): # pragma: no cover return '<AuthUser: %s>' % self.username @classmethod
[docs] def get_by_id(cls, user_id=None): """ Query the `auth_user` table by `user_id`. :param user_id: the user id :type username: integer :return: a ``sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query`` object """ if user_id: return DBSession.query(cls).get(user_id)
[docs] def get_by_username(cls, username=None): """ Query the `auth_user` table by username. :param username: the user username :type username: unicode :return: a ``sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query`` object """ if username: return DBSession.query(cls).filter( cls.username == username).first()
[docs] def get_by_email(cls, email=None): """ Query the auth_user table by email. :param username: the user email :type username: unicode :return: a ``sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query`` object """ if email: return DBSession.query(cls).filter( == email).first()
[docs] def check_password(cls, username, password): """ Check the user password. Check if the submited password for username is the same than the encrypted one recorded in the database. Return None if the username did not exist. :param username: the user username :type username: unicode :param username: the submited password :type username: unicode :return: True if the password is correct. false if incorect :rtype: boolean """ bcrypt = BCRYPTPasswordManager() user = cls.get_by_username(username) if user: return bcrypt.check(user.password, password)
@hybrid_property def password(self): """ Return the account's (crypted) password.""" return self._password @password.setter def _set_password(self, raw_password): """ Encrypt the password. Encrypt `raw_password` with bcrypt and set it as the account password. :param raw_password: the unencrypted user password :type username: unicode :return: the bcrypt encrypted password :rtype: unicode """ bcrypt = BCRYPTPasswordManager() self._password = unicode(bcrypt.encode(raw_password, rounds=12))
[docs]class AuthGroup(Base): """ AuthGroup table and model definition. Define the database `auth_group` table for the users groups and a method to query the table. This table is used used for ACLs principals. """ __tablename__ = 'auth_group' group_id = Column(Integer, autoincrement=True, primary_key=True) groupname = Column(Unicode(16), unique=True, nullable=False, index=True) def __repr__(self): # pragma: no cover return '<AuthGroup: %s>' % self.groupname @classmethod
[docs] def get_by_id(cls, group_id): """ Query the `auth_group` table by `group_id`. :param group_id: the group id :type group_id: integer :return: a ``sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query`` object """ return DBSession.query(cls).get(group_id)

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