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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Authentification related utilities."""
from import unauthenticated_userid

from anuket.models.auth import AuthUser

[docs]def groupfinder(user_id, request): """ Groupfinder callback for authentification policy. Return the groupname (principal) of an authenticated user form the database. Return None if the user do not exist. :param user_id: the id of the authenticated user :type user_id: integer :param request: a ``pyramid.request`` object :return: the user groupname or None """ auth_user = AuthUser.get_by_id(user_id) if auth_user: auth_group = return [('group:%s' % auth_group)]
def get_auth_user(request): """ Get the authenticated user id from the request and return an `AuthUser` object. :param request: a ``pyramid.request`` object """ user_id = unauthenticated_userid(request) if user_id: return AuthUser.get_by_id(user_id)

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