Source code for anuket.subscribers

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Pyramid event subscribers."""
import logging
from import BeforeRender, NewRequest
from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPForbidden
from pyramid import i18n
from import forget
from formencode import api as formencode_api

from anuket.lib.i18n import MessageFactory

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def includeme(config):
    """ Configure the event subscribers.

    :param config: a ``pyramid.config.Configurator`` object
    config.add_subscriber(add_renderer_globals, BeforeRender)
    config.add_subscriber(add_localizer, NewRequest)
    config.add_subscriber(add_csrf_validation, NewRequest)

[docs]def add_renderer_globals(event): """ Renderers globals event subscriber. Add globals to the renderer. Add `_`, `localizer` and `brand_name` globals. :param event: a ``pyramid.event.BeforeRender`` object """ request = event.get('request') # add globals for i18n event['_'] = request.translate event['localizer'] = request.localizer # add application globals from the config file settings = request.registry.settings event['brand_name'] = settings['anuket.brand_name']
[docs]def add_localizer(event): """ Localization event subscriber. Automaticaly translate strings in the templates. :param event: a ``pyramid.event.NewRequest`` object """ def auto_translate(string): """ Use the message factory to translate strings.""" return localizer.translate(MessageFactory(string)) def gettext_translate(string): """ Translate untranslated strings with FormEncode.""" # Try default translation first translation = localizer.old_translate(i18n.TranslationString(string)) if translation == string: # translation failed then use FormEncode translation = formencode_api._stdtrans(string) return translation request = event.request localizer = i18n.get_localizer(request) request.localizer = localizer request.translate = auto_translate if not hasattr(localizer, "old_translate"): localizer.old_translate = localizer.translate locale_name = i18n.get_locale_name(request) formencode_api.set_stdtranslation(languages=[locale_name]) localizer.translate = gettext_translate
[docs]def add_csrf_validation(event): """ CSRF validation event subscriber. If the POST forms do not have a CSRF token, or an invalid one then user is logged out and the forbident view is called. :param event: a ``pyramid.event.NewRequest`` object :raise HTTPForbidden: if the CSRF token is None or invalid """ if event.request.method == 'POST': token = event.request.POST.get('_csrf') if token is None or token != event.request.session.get_csrf_token(): headers = forget(event.request) # force a log out raise HTTPForbidden('CSRF token is missing or invalid', headers=headers)

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