Console scripts

Anuket provide console scripts:

  • initialize_anuket_db
  • backup_anuket_db
  • upgrade_anuket_db

Initializing the database

initialize_anuket_db is a script used to initialize your SQLAlchemy database.

$ initialize_anuket_db development.ini

The script will create a database by using the sqlalchemy.url option from the .ini file, and will fill it with default values.

Backup the database

backup_anuket_db is a script used to backup your database.

$ backup_anuket_db development.ini

The script will create a bziped SQL dump of your database using the anuket.backup_directory option from the .ini file (/var/backups by default). The filename will include the date of the backup.

Upgrade the database

upgrade_anuket_db is a script used to upgrade your database in case of database schema change in future Anuket versions. The database schemas changes are maitained by using Alembic.

$ upgrade_anuket_db development.ini

The script will check first if there is an up-to-date database backup, and if it’s the case, it will perform the upgrade of the database by using Alembic.

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