This install process, explain how to install Anuket and how to quicky test it in an isolated environemnt.


Anuket need Python 2.7 to work. It is not tested yet for Python 3 but we are planing to do so.

Anuket need the following Python packages to work :

  • pyramid
  • SQLAlchemy
  • pyramid_beaker
  • pyramid_debugtoolbar
  • pyramid_exclog
  • pyramid_simpleform
  • pyramid_tm
  • alembic
  • Babel
  • formencode
  • cracklib
  • cryptacular
  • Mako

You can install Python and the packages prerequistes with your OS package manager, from PyPI or directly from source.

Note: If you just want to play with Anuket and quicky see what he offer then we advice you to read the Anuket tutorial bundled in the documentation.

Install Anuket from PyPI

You can simply install Anuket from PyPI by using pip or easy_install:

$ pip install anuket


$ easy_install anuket

This will install Anuket and all the necessary Python packages dependencies.

Alternaly, if you fell more risky you can install the last development version from the the Git repository:

$ git clone
$ cd anuket/
$ python develop

Keep in mind than the development version may not work perfectly!

Creating your application with Anuket

Anuket is not intended to be used alone. Anuket is intended to be used by other Pyramid based aplication by exenting it. Please read the Anuket tutorial and the pyramid documentation to know how to do this.

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